Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bil-Jac is what Annie eats - thought I'd share reaons I like it for her.

Bil-Jac's Nutritional Philosophy We don't add wheat gluten meal, or any other gluten meals, to our formulas. Our primary source of protein nutrition is fresh meat, because your dog evolved as a carnivore. Your dog's nutrition is optimized when fed a diet composed primarily of meat proteins. While fresh meat protein is a more expensive ingredient, we know it's what your dog was evolved to thrive on. About the Bil-Jac Company Bil-Jac’s marketing strategy is simple and straightforward. – it’s our product. We spend our time and resources making the best product possible, and let our quality speak for itself. Bil-Jac users, recognizing this superior quality, are more loyal and more likely to recommend Bil-Jac to other dog lovers. We’ve found that a superior product makes its own success and we’ll keep focusing on making a superior product, rather than competing with the advertising budgets of our large, conglomerate competitors. We’re a family owned and operated pet food company, since 1947. In over 60 years of business, the manufacture of pet food is our only business. Word of mouth recommendations continue to drive our success. (copied from Bil-Jac's website.)

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