Tuesday, September 18, 2007

dog lovers

these sweet babies and many, many more are available at Forsyth County Animal Control Winston Salem, NC this is a good laugh - i adapted for my annie bear to all non-pet owners who visit me & complain or don't like annie 1. she lives here, you don't 2. if you don't want her hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture and the back seat of my car that's why it's called "fur"niture 3. I like annie a lot better than I like most people 4. Maybe to you, they are an animal, to me, she is an adopted daughter who is short, hairy, walks on all fours & doesn't talk back remember: annie is better than kids because she: 1. eats less 2. doesn't ask for money - ever 3. is easier to train - - (well we're having trouble with this one) 4. normally comes when called (we're working on this one too) 5. never asks to drive the car 6. doesn't hang out with drug-using friends 7. doesn't smoke or drink 8. does't have to buy the latest fashions 9. doesn't want to wear clothes 10. doesn't need a gazillion dollars for college

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