Saturday, November 10, 2007

help our humane society this holiday season

items needed for the charlotte, nc humane society * Science Diet T/D to help keep teeth pearly white. * Toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make fun and safe toys. * Puppy pads to help make potty training easier. * Easy Walk and Gentle Leader style collars to make“walking the dog” a breeze. * Extra Large and King Kong size Kong rubber toys for playing and socializing. * Kong stuffing (variety of flavors, made by the kong company) * Feline Pine kitty litter for neat, clean kitty bathrooms. * Paper towels to help staff keep everything clean. * Rubbermaid beverage containers for mixing bullion. * Pet wipes for making the animals pretty and presentable. * Tennis balls for chasing. * Bleach and liquid laundry detergent for clean, sanitized towels and blankets. * Kitty nappers and huts for taking blissful naps. * Poop scoops bags for cleaning up after playtime. * Office Supplies for the staff who keep track of all the animals. * Gerber Baby food (in chicken or turkey) for the finicky kittens. * Culturelle sold at any drug store for kittens with stomach problems. * KMR formula sold at Petsmart and most pet stores- which helps us feed all the newborn kittens (either powder or liquid) * Esbilac formula sold at Petsmart and most pet stores- which helps all the newborn puppies (either powder or liquid) * Heating pad to warm little bottle feeder bodies * Carpet squares for lining cat cages * Washable fleece beds in which the cats can lounge inside their cages * Aluminum Cans *Most of these items can be purchased at larger independent pet stores. For the Two Legged People Who Care for our Four Legged Friends: * Gift certificates for Home Depot, Lowe's, or Costco * A new dryer. * A commercial size van for transporting HSC animals in comfort. * Two small desk top copiers for the nice people at the Spay/Neuter Clinic. * First Class stamps to stay in touch with animals advocates and could be advocates. * An awning for HSC’s outdoor interaction area to provide shade and protection for potential adopters and their new pet. * High grade Digital camera 5.1 or better mega pixels for taking beautiful photos to put on our website. And There’s Always That Convenient Monetary Donation. Did You Know? $25 will feed four hungry kittens for one week? $50 will supply a warm, comfy bed for dogs in their kennels? $75 can provide one spay/neuter surgery to prevent more homeless animals? $100 will make sure four puppies stay healthy by receiving their necessary vaccinations? $250 will have 30 cats tested to keep feline leukemia and AIDS from making lots of other cats sick? $500 can educate and inspire a whole classroom of children to respect and protect animals? $1500 can provide nutritious food for the Humane Society animals for approximately 2 months?

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