Sunday, December 16, 2007

please help the humane society in your area this holiday season

Don't forget the humane society in your area - the weather has become very cold, very quickly and everyone needs to come together and hold drives to collect all sorts of items - you know how cold it is on concrete with no heat brrrrr. They always need sheets, towels, wash cloths, bedspreads. I'll come pick up items, just let me know the details. Here's a list of items the Charlotte, NC Humane Society needs today and everyday - please help them and help me spread the word. It doesn't take much effort folks. Ask your co-workers, friends, all of your e-mail, myspace, facebook and blog buddies ~ you'd be surprised how much people are willing to help. ~ Bleach and liquid laundry detergent for clean, sanitized towels and blankets. ~ Kitty nappers and huts for taking blissful naps. ~ Poop scoops bags for cleaning up after playtime. ~ Office Supplies for the staff who keep track of all the animals. ~ Gerber Baby food (in chicken or turkey) for the finicky kittens. ~ Culturelle sold at any drug store for kittens with stomach problems. ~ KMR formula sold at Petsmart and most pet stores- which helps us feed all the newborn kittens (either powder or liquid) ~ Esbilac formula sold at Petsmart and most pet stores- which helps all the newborn puppies (either powder or liquid) ~ Heating pad to warm little bottle feeder bodies ~ Carpet squares for lining cat cages ~ Washable fleece beds in which the cats can lounge inside their cages ~ Aluminum Cans ~ Tennis Balls for them to play with ~ ~ ~ Most of these items can be purchased at larger independent pet stores ~ ~ ~ For the Two Legged People Who Care for our Four Legged Friends: ~ gift certificates for Home Depot, Lowe's, or Costco ~ new clothes dryer ~ commercial size van for transporting HSC animals in comfort ~ two small desk top copiers for the nice people at the Spay/Neuter Clinic ~ first class stamps to stay in touch with animals advocates and could be advocates ~ an awning for HSC’s outdoor interaction area to provide shade and protection for potential adopters and their new pet ~ High grade Digital camera 5.1 or better mega pixels for taking beautiful photos to put on our website

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