Sunday, December 30, 2007

Presenting ~ Semper Lyons ~ of Birmingham, Alabama

As you will see, Semper is one lucky baby as very proudly shared by Carole Lyons ~ Semper celebrated her 12th birthday on December 28th, 2007. "John and I got Semper when she was about 9 weeks old from a person who was delivering medical supplies in Sulligent, AL. They had 4 or 5 puppies and I wanted one so they told me I could have her. I picked her because she was so fat and cuddly. We picked her name on our way back to Tuscaloosa because she rode in John's Marine helmet that was in the car, and looked so cute. Semper Fidelis (gosh, I misspelled that -) means always faithful, a Marine thing. She was a wild puppy living with a college student. She chewed up all kinds of things including a pair of $100 Birkenstocks and some Teva sandals. She ate the cushions off my sofa, pulled up the carpet because of a little string that she played with, and she clawed up the floor in a bathroom because John left her in it to go to a college party. She was a terrible 2 for about 3 years! She hates to be outside, unless we are all out there. So she has always been an indoor dog. She loves to travel and is GREAT with her 3 boys, my kids! She thinks she is the "nana" because when someone has ever held one of my babies she stares at them until I get the baby back. She also has to go out after each person in the house wakes up in the morning, so the door opens and closes about 5 times each morning. She sleeps on my side of the bed, follows my every step and loves me the best. As you can tell, I am so proud to be her mama. I love her to death, even when she barks at us when we come home."

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