Monday, January 7, 2008

i met this baby

he is the sweetest guy, already neutered, loving, he's 4, very comfortable with me, not afraid at all, fun, got in my lap, i fell in love of course, he's little, they think he's part jack russell and beagle ~ he didn't bark so i couldn't tell on the beagle part, the markings were there as you see. his family "had" to give him up because they were moving ~ yea whatever. i took some things (blankets and a printer)over to the Humane Society of Charlotte and had been thinking that a brother would help annie and had seen him on the site so i asked to meet him, we sat & played in an office just me and him for a long time. then ~ i call annie's vet in winston salem for advice. he said it would probably be good and offered the option of taking her to a dog behaviorist too. so i'm thinking $$cha ching$$ ~ yep! but not too bad ~ for blood work prior it is "about" $80, then the specialist is $200, then heaven knows what that outcome will bring $$$$. she's also due for her yearly shots $$cha ching$$ at least $200 and waaaay past due for a haircut ~ $50 (hey - priorities, ya know) and she hasn't even been to daycare since we moved. $$$$ dang $$$$ and she's already on dog anxiety meds, i know what you're thinking ~ good gosh look who she lives with ~ well, she's a whole lot better off with me, i promise! i better buy & win some lottery tickets this week. cha ching!

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