Monday, December 8, 2008

help make a difference at our humane society of charlotte

Aristole spent one year here waiting for his WONDERFUL forever home. Here is his story! you'll love this! My husband Nathan and I first saw Aristotle sitting stoically in the midst of doggie chaos in the midst of Petpalooza. Nathan, who has always wanted a Husky and Pit Bull, was instantly interested in trying to see if we could make this Husky/Pit Bull mix a member of our family. The one catch was we had to make sure that Lucy, our lovable mutt who was not so good at socializing with other 4 legged friends, would be okay with this. Everyone encouraged us to bring her in to see how they would do. A week and many visits later (where Lucy progressively seemed to accept that this hyper boy was, in fact, okay and could be fun to play with), we brought “Stotle” home—his big ears blocking my rearview the whole way as he sat up quietly in the back seat. Over the past couple of weeks the two have engaged in numerous wrestling matches, with Stotle going from crouching down like a cat to pouncing in the air towards her. They race each other around the house, taking turns chasing after one another before curling up to sleep in their respective favorite places (Lucy on the couch, Stotle on Lucy’s old bed!).

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